Plan to Connect Book Planner

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The "Plan to Connect" black book planner is a guide to help couples connect. Now the guys can have their black book back. If the "black book" was never in your possession you now join the ranks of the many who are so proud of their black book. The only difference is that instead of writing down numbers and notes about several, you will proudly keep notes for the one special someone in your life, your spouse. We can become so busy in life with our daily schedules that the nurturing of our marital relationship is neglected. We use calendars and planners to help remember sporting events, business meetings, doctor appointments, school activities, church activities, and the list goes on. Why not plan and schedule moments to connect with your spouse? The primary intent of this planner is to assist couples to connect to the who person of their spouse (Spirit, Soul (mind, will, and emotions), and Body) Connect Three is all about connecting with your spouse in three major areas to cultivate intimacy in your marriage. (Spiritual Connection, Emotional Connection, and Physical Connection) As these connections occur on a continual basis a mutual feeling of oneness evolves. If you don't become intentional about finding ways to connect and grow together, "life" will cause you to grow apart.
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