Tote-a-Vision Financial Freedom Package

SKU: TAVFF_Pack $40.00
This package includes everything you need to dream-build, plan, and actively work towards your financial freedom goals. It incorporates the necessary aspects of goal achievement, such as helping you to create a visual representation of your dreams and goals, a place to write down your goals, ideas, affirming statements, and milestones, and the workbook guides you through specific steps for financial achievement. Tote-a-Vision is an acceleration tool to help propel you into achieving your goals whether they are small or large. Tote-a-Vision Workbooks are customized to meet specific needs. This workbook is designed to assist you on your journey to increased cash flow or financial abundance. It will help you develop the right mindset to attain financial prosperity. Within these pages you will be guided with how-to steps. The tracking system suggests elements of proven methods to incorporate within your daily activity during your 30-60-90 challenge. The same process that’s laid out for 30 days can be reapplied to 60 or 90 days. The longer you stick with your focus, the better the results.
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