Vision Board Mat - Tote-a-Vision - Portable Vision Board

SKU: TAV_Mat $19.99
The Vision Board Mat - Tote-a-Vision is a portable dream board. Create your vision board on the provided custom sized white board, then place within the clear vinyl mat. This goal setting tool is for anyone who desires to see their hopes and dreams realized. It all starts with clarifying your goals. Tote-a-Vision helps one to visualize what you want. Turn your goals into an inspiration work of art. You choose the images and power words that best reflect your desires. Then paste all onto the Tote-a-Vision white board. Just create, insert into the large pocket located at the top of the vinyl mat. Display your vision board in the mat on a desk, on a bulletin board, on there refrigerator, or wrap around a composition size notebook as a journal. Then track your goals, milestones, and more inside the notebook while displaying your vision board in the mat as a book cover. Your portable dream board is ready to go with you at any time.
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